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Dear Farang

Please don’t do this, please don’t wear things that embarrass yourself and those farang that live in Bangkok and still manage to dress properly. If not for yourself, please do it for us. Thanks, Farangs in Bangkok

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Shopping: Pork & Cock

A trip to the JJ weekend market can be interesting, if you can get past the oppressive heat, throngs of tourists and don’t mind massive repetition. But you can stumble upon some gems, like someone selling various bits of pig, … Continue reading

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Beer Buffet

Thb499, sign says ไม่เมา ไม่เลิก which means ‘not drunk, don’t give up’.

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Fried Rice in Thailand: Not Just for Quitters

There is some really great fried rice in Thailand, not greasy, served with pork, chicken or crab. I never liked fried rice, most of the fried rice I ate in America was heavy and oily, possibly the first great fried … Continue reading

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January 2014- Cold Weather in Bangkok and Thailand

Cold, never a term you associate with Thailand or this region of the world and certainly not a term associated with Bangkok. Bangkok is constantly listed as the major metropolitan are with the hottest climate, this article cites the World … Continue reading

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Food: Addicted to Khao Soi

I haven’t written much about Thai food, just that feeling my writing won’t do justice to the food and experience. Each Saturday my lunch has become Khao Soi with Chicken (ข้าวซอยไก่), I’m addicted. It’s noodles, coconut milk curry and leg … Continue reading

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If Bangkok had a cooler climate, how many millions would live here?

We’ll never know, mother nature began reminding Bangkokians yesterday of the real Bangkok climate. The cool temperatures over the past month was spurring serious discussion about expanding Bangkok’s official three seasons from hot, hotter and seek shelter to include super … Continue reading

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2013 Street Protests in Bangkok

Street protests are back. Different year, different color shirts in the street, different issues that still largely revolve around one person that no longer lives in Thailand. The characters and largely the same, as is the supporting cast, the roles … Continue reading

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Cutting Coconuts with Style

Too good. I took this at the JJ weekend market, there are a number of venders selling coconuts, none with this kind of style and flair. The show of cutting the coconut is worth the thb20 he charges, oh and … Continue reading

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The Ever Changing Bangkok

I walk down Sukhunvit Soi 19 on a weekly basis, there’s a Healthland Massage just off the Soi. Between work and travel, I skipped a few weeks of Thai massage and didn’t venture down Soi 19. As I wandered down … Continue reading

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