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Beer Buffet

Thb499, sign says ไม่เมา ไม่เลิก which means ‘not drunk, don’t give up’.

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As Seen in Singapore: A Vegetarian Ass Finger Sandwich

As seen at a congress in Singapore- I was surprised that an Ass Finger Sandwich would be vegetarian, though I’d never given it much thought and certainly didn’t try one.

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Advertising in Thailand: ‘Suck My Balls’

Nothing I write will make this any funnier:

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Sign of the Day: A Glass of Run

I’ll have a glass of the Run please, hold the chaser

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Really? A Snake?

It’s a cool evening, at least by Bangkok standards, so I decided to walk home from work. As always, you can see a lot during a 20 minute walk in Bangkok. Tonight ‘a lot’ turned out to be a snake … Continue reading

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National Emblem of Thailand- The Garuda

The national Emblem of Thailand is the Garuda, I love it.

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Missed in Translation: Sidewalk or Sidemarket?

  With all due respect, I believe there is a grave error in a Thai to English translation. The Thai word for sidewalk is ทางเดิน (tang deen) with the word ทาง (tang) meaning ‘way or path’ and the word เดิน … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Sign at Chatachak Market

Yeah, at first the ‘fighting cock’ section grabbed my attention in the race to win the award for ‘strangest title for shopping section at the JJ weekend market’, upon further review, ‘creature’ was declared the winner. FYI- I played it … Continue reading

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Thailand & Medical Tourism

Medical tourism- from breast augmentation and teeth whitening to heart surgery and orthopedics- is big business for Thailand as figures show total revenue of over Bt97.8 billion in 2012. Thailand is home to many high quality hospitals and has been … Continue reading

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Life in Thailand- 3 Years in Bangkok

I’m unsure how long I anticipated living in Bangkok when I moved here three years ago, now I find myself wondering how I can leave. “how I can leave”, ‘how’ is the correct adverb as leaving Bangkok is not a … Continue reading

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