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Deserted Spirit House

Spirit houses sit next to almost every building in Bangkok- be it an office tower, house, hotel or condo tower, you will find a spirit a house next to it. And with the rate of tearing down buildings to make … Continue reading

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Christmas in Thailand: Celebrated, but not a Holiday

Bangkok gets all dressed up for Christmas, loads of decorations, Christmas music and (fake) Christmas trees. Certainly other parts of Thailand participate with decorations and such, especially the towns and cities that are tourist destinations. But Christmas is not a … Continue reading

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Lese Majeste in Thailand- please understand how to use the Internet within the law

My Public Service Announcement- understand the laws and rules, mind what you say, click and like while in Thailand to visit or stay. Be careful, you can end up in jail for “liking” something on Facebook or following someone on … Continue reading

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December 2011- Cool, Ideal Weather

To Thais, the weather has been downright cold, to us farangs it has been ideal. In Bangkok it has been below 20 at night and rarely hitting 30 during the day, the sun has been out been not strong and … Continue reading

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White Temple in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is only an hour flight from Bangkok and is well worth this trip, one of my favorites at this point. It is small and more traditional than other tourists spots. A highlight is the White Temple, simply amazing.

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Unhappy Thai Rice

A frown in the land of smiles- this rice looks none to pleased.

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