Christmas in Thailand: Celebrated, but not a Holiday

Bangkok gets all dressed up for Christmas, loads of decorations, Christmas music and (fake) Christmas trees. Certainly other parts of Thailand participate with decorations and such, especially the towns and cities that are tourist destinations.

But Christmas is not a national or government holiday, it’s business as usual in Christmas eve and day. Of course many westerners take the day off, but Thai workers do not and all banks and offices are open.

Thais seem to like Christmas, they enjoy anything fun. Christmas observance in Thailand has nothing to do with religion, just a chance to put up some decorations, wear funny red hats and shop. And Thais love to say “Merry Christmas” to all far angus on Christmas day, always makes me smile.

About faranginbangkok

I began working in Bangkok during 2008- a time that featured a great deal of political unrest in Thailand and particularly Bangkok. I had lived in San Francisco for 15 years and was working on a project in Thailand. Generally, I spent 2 weeks in Bangkok and then 3-4 weeks in San Francisco. Did Bangkok begin to feel like home? Yes, and No. Bangkok and the Thai culture forced me to feel many things, the change in culture and environment was so dramatic it forced the decision- embrace or ignore. I embraced and made Bangkok my home and base in 2009. I have enjoyed living in Bangkok, experiencing Thailand and the entire ASEAN region. I moved to Singapore in 2016...fallen behind on this blog since.
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