Great Video: Promotional Video Showing Thailand in 1960

Below is a link to a video promoting Thailand in 1960, this video was made for Pan Am. To think how American’s viewed Thailand in 1960- prior to affordable air travel that made the world accessible and readily accessible information that has resulted from technology, and I would imagine the Thai food and culture had not yet arrived in America.

And Bangkok was the largest city in Southeast Asia at that time- with under 1,000,000 people.

There are some very funny parts of the video, like 5:10 into the video where the narrator says “weird figures hold up the towers”, certainly not politically correct by today’s standards. An odd moment is when the narrator describes the monks as ‘priests’- possibly that was intentional? Did the masses in 1960 America understand much about monks?

I only wish I could have visited ‘that’ Thailand. While I am sure there were many frustrations for the picky tourist coming from America, the authentic culture on display must have been simple amazing.

About faranginbangkok

I began working in Bangkok during 2008- a time that featured a great deal of political unrest in Thailand and particularly Bangkok. I had lived in San Francisco for 15 years and was working on a project in Thailand. Generally, I spent 2 weeks in Bangkok and then 3-4 weeks in San Francisco. Did Bangkok begin to feel like home? Yes, and No. Bangkok and the Thai culture forced me to feel many things, the change in culture and environment was so dramatic it forced the decision- embrace or ignore. I embraced and made Bangkok my home and base in 2009. I have enjoyed living in Bangkok, experiencing Thailand and the entire ASEAN region. I moved to Singapore in 2016...fallen behind on this blog since.
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