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Pretending it’s the End of the World

In a city with 11,000,000 residents, it’s not often you find yourself in a deserted public place or even space. Yesterday I found myself in just such a place- the brand new and very recently opened BTS Pho Nimit station. … Continue reading

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Alcohol in Thailand- When You Can Buy, Where You Can Buy, When You Can Drink, Where You Can Drink

Okay, so you all love the booze and are concerned about boozing in Bangkok, my most popular post is this one regarding mid-afternoon prohibition and the majority of emails I receive have questions about when and where people can get … Continue reading

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Street Food in Bangkok- Where there is a Sidewalk, there will be Food

If there is a sidewalk, there will be street food, that is one of the first rules of Bangkok. If there is an office tower and a sidewalk that leads to the office tower, there will be an abundance of … Continue reading

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Thailand, Modesty & Bikinis: Bikini Ban in National Parks

The Thai Department of National Parks has urged tourists to cover up. Yes, tourists are encouraged to wear respectful clothing when swimming and visiting National Parks. The  newspaper article containing the announcement is titled “Bikini Ban in National Park”, please … Continue reading

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