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Donald Duck at a Wat

As seen in Chaing Mai. And, no, I have no idea.

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The Internet, English and the Motorcycle Taxi Driver

@motorcyrubjang is one of the more enjoyable people to follow on twitter for a local, street level perspective of Bangkok and Thailand. The twitter feeds is in English and Thai and is run by a motocye (motorcycle) taxi driver that … Continue reading

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May 24, 2013: Vesek Day Holiday in Thailand

This Friday is the Vesek Day Holiday in Thailand, this is a Buddhist Holiday. I always enjoy the discussions amongst my Thai friends and colleagues about “Buddha Days”, meaning days/holidays of significance for Buddhists. There are minor and major “Buddha … Continue reading

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Thailand & Medical Tourism

Medical tourism- from breast augmentation and teeth whitening to heart surgery and orthopedics- is big business for Thailand as figures show total revenue of over Bt97.8 billion in 2012. Thailand is home to many high quality hospitals and has been … Continue reading

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The Heat is Sitting on Me

May 3, 2013: It’s one of those Bangkok days, 8:40 in the morning with a ‘real feel’ temperature of 37 C, that’s 99 F. Today the heat has me, simply suffocated me on my walk to work this morning. Even … Continue reading

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