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Expat: A Sad View of Homeland Politics

I avoid writing about politics and religion. Presently, as a USA expat, the question I am asked more than any other: “what about this Trump for President?” Megalomaniacs making sweeping generalities and ludicrous statements now work their way into my … Continue reading

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Tourist Season

Appear tourist season has begun in Thailand.    

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Lost in Translation- or maybe not

Ah yes, translation software is your friend. Even though Google translate didn’t get this one correct, it was close. Seems a chili shop in England has been selling a sriracha sauce named หน้าหี, which means ‘pussy face’ (or face pussy … Continue reading

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The Do and Don’t List

Living in another country and culture you feel a responsibility to represent your own country and culture properly, well, some of us feel that responsibility. Properly is a highly subjective term, at a minimum you feel the responsibility to not … Continue reading

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Ferguson from Afar

I don’t keep up with current events in America as I once did, I don’t watch American news TV; healthy for me. The events in Ferguson are horrible, sad days for so many. It’s so very odd to live across … Continue reading

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The Hot Days

Hot Season in Bangkok can take your breath away. Bangkok is always hot, hot season features intense sun, lack of wind and higher humidity. There are the times you’re shocked into disbelief as you round a corner onto a small … Continue reading

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Dear Farang

Please don’t do this, please don’t wear things that embarrass yourself and those farang that live in Bangkok and still manage to dress properly. If not for yourself, please do it for us. Thanks, Farangs in Bangkok

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Spotted in Bangkok: Alien Eggs

With street protests in full swing, you never know what sights Bangkok has in store for you. This morning I discovered aliens invaded Bangkok (yep, not just protestors invading Bangkok, now aliens) over night and laid eggs. It’s Bangkok, things … Continue reading

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Advertising in Thailand: ‘Suck My Balls’

Nothing I write will make this any funnier:

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Medical Exam Passed- No Victorian Era Diseases

To renew a work permit or Visa in Thailand, you must pass a medical exam. The logic of requiring a long term visitor to the country to be deemed ‘healthy’ is easy to understand. The logic of testing for leprosy … Continue reading

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