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You Go, Bro: One Man Protest

I’m not delving into the  ‘who, what or why’ or coming out in support or opposition, just passing along a story about a protest of one (with a load of media within the lone protestor).  One man showed up to a protest … Continue reading

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Swearing in Thailand: Did You Just Call Me a Lizard?

When learning a language you start with the basics: ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘how do I….” and all swear words. The Thai language has some good swears, one of the most offensive is referring to someone as a lizard. Want proof? … Continue reading

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News Headline: “Lady Boys Caught Red Handed”

From my humor vantage point, there’s a whole lotta goodness (and giggles) in this story from the Bangkok Post: Ladyboys caught red-handed Pattaya police have successfully followed up on a case of last month where a drunken foreign tourist was … Continue reading

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Bangkok Taxi- Asking for a Ride, New Complaint Hotline and Fares

There has been a lot said and written about taxis in Bangkok, positive and negative, most of it negative. I am on the positive side- taxis are very inexpensive, most have decent air-conditioning, many even come with shock absorbers and … Continue reading

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Strange News Headline from Thailand: Serial Breast Drugger Robs Again”

Yes, there are some pretty bonkers news stories and headlines in Thailand, but “Serial Breast Drugger Robs Again” really caught my eye. From the Bangkok Post: Serial breast drugger robs again Published: 23/08/2012 at 12:30 CHIANG MAI – A woman who … Continue reading

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