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Beer Buffet

Thb499, sign says ไม่เมา ไม่เลิก which means ‘not drunk, don’t give up’.

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As Seen in Singapore: A Vegetarian Ass Finger Sandwich

As seen at a congress in Singapore- I was surprised that an Ass Finger Sandwich would be vegetarian, though I’d never given it much thought and certainly didn’t try one.

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Advertising in Thailand: ‘Suck My Balls’

Nothing I write will make this any funnier:

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Sign of the Day: A Glass of Run

I’ll have a glass of the Run please, hold the chaser

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Missed in Translation: Sidewalk or Sidemarket?

  With all due respect, I believe there is a grave error in a Thai to English translation. The Thai word for sidewalk is ทางเดิน (tang deen) with the word ทาง (tang) meaning ‘way or path’ and the word เดิน … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Sign at Chatachak Market

Yeah, at first the ‘fighting cock’ section grabbed my attention in the race to win the award for ‘strangest title for shopping section at the JJ weekend market’, upon further review, ‘creature’ was declared the winner. FYI- I played it … Continue reading

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Sign ‘The Checkpoint Picks the Fee’

Well, the checkpoint is just the entrance into the state park, the fee isn’t ‘picked’ as it’s posted on a sign, but the fee in 10x more for foreigners than Thais.

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What Doesn’t Translate- Irony

Irony doesn’t translate into other languages.You can add dry humor and sarcasm to the list of “what doesn’t translate”. I fancy myself a funny person, not a pull my finger funny or a pass on water cooler jokes funny, but … Continue reading

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Thai TV News- I Love It

I despise watching the news in the USA. Please think about the questions being asked the next time you see a newscaster interview someone. “Sir, how did you feel after you lost your life savings in the Bernie Madoff ponzi … Continue reading

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A Farang Is…. This definition implies that Farang is an insult, my limited understanding of pasa Thai leads me to believe it is much more of a descriptor than and insult. Farang is used in the same way I would say “he … Continue reading

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