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Feels Like Europe

But it’s Chiang Mai, Thailand

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The Do and Don’t List

Living in another country and culture you feel a responsibility to represent your own country and culture properly, well, some of us feel that responsibility. Properly is a highly subjective term, at a minimum you feel the responsibility to not … Continue reading

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Thailand Statistics: International Arrivals in 2014

Much has been made of ‘teflon Thailand’- no matter the news, people continue to visit and holiday in Thailand. But does that still hold true? The Nation newspaper published the YTD arrivals from Jan-Sep 2014, the data is attributed to … Continue reading

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Thailand & Medical Tourism

Medical tourism- from breast augmentation and teeth whitening to heart surgery and orthopedics- is big business for Thailand as figures show total revenue of over Bt97.8 billion in 2012. Thailand is home to many high quality hospitals and has been … Continue reading

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