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Alcohol Ban in Thailand: July 2 & 3, 2011

Selling alcohol in Thailand is banned during election voting. Grocery stores, convenience stores, bars and restaurants will not be selling or serving. Those in need- your best bet is a local convenience store; 7-11 will not be selling. Alcohol sales … Continue reading

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2011 Election in Thailand- Of Dissolving Parliaments and Rising Hitmen

Thailand will hold an election on July 3, Parliament has been dissolved. Okay, to be clear, Bangkok is safe and the upcoming election on July 3 has not caused any disruption to life in Bangkok and most of Thailand. Oddly, … Continue reading

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2011 Coup Rumors & TV

Think being the Prime Minister in Thailand is fun? No street protest, everything is politically stable in Thailand? Things are on edge to the point where an issue with a satellite knocks out TV reception for a few hours and … Continue reading

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Bangkok Songkran 2011- very different from 2010

Last year there were some questions if the Songkran celebration would even take place in Bangkok- the red shirts street protest had just moved to the central commercial district and then on 10 April 26 people were killed when fighting … Continue reading

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Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts?

Last year I lived in the middle of the Red Shirt protest, I traveled to Thailand during the Yellow Shirts protest and blockage of the airport. But what are most Thai people? Reds or Yellows or do they care? The … Continue reading

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It’s Friday and Almost Songkran 2011

Friday, sunny and not terribly hot and Songkran is next week. I read this morning that some schools have begun the Songkran celebration with prayers and blessing, so the New Year celebrations are kicking off in Thailand. Songkran is an … Continue reading

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Interesting Read About Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts, Politics and Government in Thailand

I found this to be a very informative and accurate article about the political situation in Thailand and judging by comments on Twitter, others did as well: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/pongsudhirak4/English#comments Please note, I do not know the author and am not trying … Continue reading

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Saturday March 19- Warm Weather & Hyperbole

Okay, the hyperbole about the weather can stop. It is a warmer day, sunny and nice, the world is not ending. It was cool over the past few days, but the speculation about climate change and the cold weather being … Continue reading

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Life in Thailand After One Year: I haven’t been Ill or Sick One Time

Walking to work this morning I had this odd thought- I haven’t had a cold, the flu or been sick once in the year since I moved here. This was a shock to me- coming from San Francisco I had … Continue reading

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Life in Bangkok After One Year: Thoughts & Memories

I have enjoyed living in Bangkok; it has opened mind and body to many new experiences. The nice part of living here occurs a few months after you move and settle into your daily routines, suddenly you aren’t as overwhelmed … Continue reading

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