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Follow Up Post: New Coffee Shop Re-Cafe & Starbucks

A follow upon my earlier post about the new coffee shop with local owner (original post: https://faranginbangkok.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/starbucks-in-thailand-and-a-new-coffee-shop/ ) named Re-Café that is located close to a Starbucks: things appear to be going very well for Re Cafe. I stopped in … Continue reading

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March 2011 Red Shirt & Yellow Shirt Protest Update: No Update, Bangkok is Safe

I have grown weary of the protests in Bangkok, no motivation to be near the protest sites or write about them. The protests seem to dominate the news, but not the lives of Thai people or my life. That seems … Continue reading

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Red Shirt “protest” February 19, 2011

The red shirts returned to Ratchaprasong today, I live only a ten minute walk away. After having my street closed to traffic and all activity for over 2 weeks last year by the red shirts protest, I cannot say it … Continue reading

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Red shirts protest- February 13, 2011; Just Another Sunday

Summary of the weekend- no issues at protests, police didn’t enforce ISA laws against yellow shirts, yellow shirts refuse to leave permanent protest site but draw small numbers, red shirts draw large numbers for temporary protest and drivers were the … Continue reading

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Yellow Shirt Protest on February 11, 2011: Yawn

If your protest doesn’t make front page headlines, is it still a protest? What the Yellow Shirts had labeled just one week ago as a “major march” turned out to be 2,000 people gathering for a walk from their protest … Continue reading

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Cost of Medical Insurance in Thailand

Wrapping up the half-day process of securing medial and health insurance in Thailand, I am eligible for Thai based insurance based on having a work permit. Cobra coverage in the USA would have cost me $692 per month- a year’s … Continue reading

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Let Protest Weekend Begin- February 10, 2011

Protest weekend has arrived, along with some hot weather. Friday is possibly the heaviest traffic day in Bangkok, and that speaks volumes as traffic is always one accident away from being an absolute mess. That makes the Yellow Shirts protest … Continue reading

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Visiting Thailand? Bring the Economist With You

As you cannot buy this weeks edition in Thailand. From the BBC: The latest edition of UK-based current affairs magazine the Economist has been banned in Thailand, amid local anger over its coverage of the royal family. The Economist’s Thai … Continue reading

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Thailand & Cambodia- Stop, Start and Continue Fighting, February 6, 2011

Border wars (or skirmishes) are new for me; for better or worse, the USA doesn’t fight in our own backyard and I have never lived in a country with a war taking place on a border. The news is filled … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Monday

The Super Bowl is being shown live in Thailand- with the time change to the USA the game kicked off around 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. Premier League Football is the most followed sport in Thailand (the most participated in sport … Continue reading

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