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A Storm in Cambodia & the Realization I live in Thailand

What a stupid title for this post, hopefully I think up something better, change the title and delete this sentence. I was out having some beers with friends, the rainy season has arrived in full force with strong rain each … Continue reading

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Life in Thailand- 3 Years in Bangkok

I’m unsure how long I anticipated living in Bangkok when I moved here three years ago, now I find myself wondering how I can leave. “how I can leave”, ‘how’ is the correct adverb as leaving Bangkok is not a … Continue reading

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Update- Warning to Tourists Visiting Thailand Regarding Lese Majeste

Please read the following by Richard Barrow (click here for link) and make sure you observe the laws during your visit to Thailand: Foreign Tourists in Thailand warned they could be arrested for lese majeste November 30, 2011 Richard Barrow … Continue reading

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Why Bangkok?

Each day Bangkok offers new experiences. The city invites you to experience as much as you desire, the more you embrace this city, the more the city will allow you to experience. It will make you feel many things, the … Continue reading

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