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Dear Farang

Please don’t do this, please don’t wear things that embarrass yourself and those farang that live in Bangkok and still manage to dress properly. If not for yourself, please do it for us. Thanks, Farangs in Bangkok

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I Rode the Bus

Spoiled Farang no more, I paid my seven baht (7thb) and rode the non-air-conditioned bus. The bus that doesn’t really stop, just eases to a slow roll and you jump on or off. It was fun, I love the ceiling … Continue reading

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The Farang Armpit

25 years ago my grandfather gave me the book “Clothes and the Man: The Principles of Fine Men’s Dress” by Alan Flusser. My grandfather drove a big black Lincoln Town Car with suicide doors, wore wool pants, dress shoes, a … Continue reading

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Life in Thailand- 3 Years in Bangkok

I’m unsure how long I anticipated living in Bangkok when I moved here three years ago, now I find myself wondering how I can leave. “how I can leave”, ‘how’ is the correct adverb as leaving Bangkok is not a … Continue reading

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Dual Pricing in Thailand- Foreigners Pay More

There are those times you just don’t understand, you read something and you just don’t understand how it can be. Dual pricing in Thailand- charging foreigners a higher price than Thai’s for admission to a site, national park or an … Continue reading

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Bangkok Traffic

Traffic is Bangkok is, how can I put this politely, absolute shit. Bangkok wasn’t built for this many cars. Bangkok must deal with the challenges of a major river and numerous small rivers that cause massive bottlenecks leading to the … Continue reading

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Bangkok Sidewalks: BBQ & Girdles

Bangkok spoils you, so much is readily accessible. Bangkok sidewalks, particularly in the Sukhumvit area, are packed with everything from food and drinks to DVD and t-shirts (Chang & Singha are simply everywhere) and, well, everything. At this point, I … Continue reading

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My First USA Presidential Election as an Expat- A View from Afar

The 2012 USA Presidential Election was the first election I have viewed from afar, I have not been back to the USA in 2 years and have not watched USA based international TV news. I follow the news online, via … Continue reading

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Not a Smile for Everyone

I was a bit surprised to see a “No Service Lady Boy” sign on the front door of a Bangkok bar, being from America, you just don’t see signs like this. Of course you see the “no shirt, no shoes, … Continue reading

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Update- Warning to Tourists Visiting Thailand Regarding Lese Majeste

Please read the following by Richard Barrow (click here for link) and make sure you observe the laws during your visit to Thailand: Foreign Tourists in Thailand warned they could be arrested for lese majeste November 30, 2011 Richard Barrow … Continue reading

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