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Yoga in Lumpini Park

Happy night for me, I can begin doing some exercise after my shoulder surgery. It has been a year since I last practiced yoga, what better way to jump back in than in the middle of Lumpini park. Lumpini park … Continue reading

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Loi Krathong Festival in Lumpini Park

The Loi Krathong Festival is a held during the flood season on the last full moon in November, the festival centers around floating a krathong into a lake or river when the moon is full and tide is high. The … Continue reading

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The Trees, Water and Flowers of Lumpini Park

Taking a look at my earlier post about Lumpini, I spent more time on the lizards of Lumpini than the park itself. To read my introduction to Lumpini and about the lizards: https://faranginbangkok.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/a-visit-to-lumpini-park-sights-sounds-and-lizards/ Lumpini is Bangkok’s Central Park. Regardless of … Continue reading

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May 26: Bangkok on the mend- Lumpini Park Opens & 1,000 Monks

Bangkok is quickly getting back to normal. Street food is back (thank you!), traffic is back, construction noises and motorbikes zipping everywhere are back.  Public transit is running, I am struggle through nightly Thai classes once again. Massive numbers of … Continue reading

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A visit to Lumpini Park- sights, sounds and the lumpini lizards

Lumpini is a large, beautiful park with a group of lakes, loads of palm trees, orchids and flowers. The park is closed to vehicle traffic, paved roads wind through the park for running and walking. Take a stroll, rent a … Continue reading

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