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The Do and Don’t List

Living in another country and culture you feel a responsibility to represent your own country and culture properly, well, some of us feel that responsibility. Properly is a highly subjective term, at a minimum you feel the responsibility to not … Continue reading

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Thailand, Modesty & Bikinis: Bikini Ban in National Parks

The Thai Department of National Parks has urged tourists to cover up. Yes, tourists are encouraged to wear respectful clothing when swimming and visiting National Parks. The  newspaper article containing the announcement is titled “Bikini Ban in National Park”, please … Continue reading

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It’s Friday and Almost Songkran 2011

Friday, sunny and not terribly hot and Songkran is next week. I read this morning that some schools have begun the Songkran celebration with prayers and blessing, so the New Year celebrations are kicking off in Thailand. Songkran is an … Continue reading

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Life in Thailand After One Year: I haven’t been Ill or Sick One Time

Walking to work this morning I had this odd thought- I haven’t had a cold, the flu or been sick once in the year since I moved here. This was a shock to me- coming from San Francisco I had … Continue reading

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Life in Bangkok After One Year: Thoughts & Memories

I have enjoyed living in Bangkok; it has opened mind and body to many new experiences. The nice part of living here occurs a few months after you move and settle into your daily routines, suddenly you aren’t as overwhelmed … Continue reading

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March 2011 Red Shirt & Yellow Shirt Protest Update: No Update, Bangkok is Safe

I have grown weary of the protests in Bangkok, no motivation to be near the protest sites or write about them. The protests seem to dominate the news, but not the lives of Thai people or my life. That seems … Continue reading

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Red shirts protest- February 13, 2011; Just Another Sunday

Summary of the weekend- no issues at protests, police didn’t enforce ISA laws against yellow shirts, yellow shirts refuse to leave permanent protest site but draw small numbers, red shirts draw large numbers for temporary protest and drivers were the … Continue reading

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Perspective on Yellow Shirts Protest- February 6

The Yellow Shirts have been protesting for 12 days. A stage is setup with a PA, toilets have been built, speakers address the protesters and music plays between speakers. The protest crowd has been small, it swelled “into the thousands … Continue reading

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Thailand and Cambodia Fighting, February 4, 2011

Yes, two Buddhist countries are fighting over disputed land- the disputed land centers around, of all things, a temple (Preah Vihear Temple). The BKK Post reports two people were killed in over 2 hours of fighting yesterday with both sides … Continue reading

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Quick Trip from Bangkok: Ko Samet

The island of Samet (or Samed) is reached via the Rayong Pier, just under a three-hour drive from Bangkok. At the pier you take a boat to the island, about 30 minutes for a high-speed boat. Samet is a nice … Continue reading

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