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My First USA Presidential Election as an Expat- A View from Afar

The 2012 USA Presidential Election was the first election I have viewed from afar, I have not been back to the USA in 2 years and have not watched USA based international TV news. I follow the news online, via … Continue reading

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Night Lightning in Bangkok

It’s monsoon season, some amazing storms with massive amounts of lightning, like this:

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Being a Polite Neighbor in Bangkok

I came to learn about polite behavior this past week. Or, at least how polite people behave in my condo. In reading the condo newsletter, which is still printed and distributed to everyone even though my condo promises it is … Continue reading

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Not a Smile for Everyone

I was a bit surprised to see a “No Service Lady Boy” sign on the front door of a Bangkok bar, being from America, you just don’t see signs like this. Of course you see the “no shirt, no shoes, … Continue reading

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Bangkok Taxi- Asking for a Ride, New Complaint Hotline and Fares

There has been a lot said and written about taxis in Bangkok, positive and negative, most of it negative. I am on the positive side- taxis are very inexpensive, most have decent air-conditioning, many even come with shock absorbers and … Continue reading

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Great Video: Promotional Video Showing Thailand in 1960

Below is a link to a video promoting Thailand in 1960, this video was made for Pan Am. To think how American’s viewed Thailand in 1960- prior to affordable air travel that made the world accessible and readily accessible information … Continue reading

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Snatch Thief

Found the double meaning rather funny

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Update- Warning to Tourists Visiting Thailand Regarding Lese Majeste

Please read the following by Richard Barrow (click here for link) and make sure you observe the laws during your visit to Thailand: Foreign Tourists in Thailand warned they could be arrested for lese majeste November 30, 2011 Richard Barrow … Continue reading

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Aug 2 & 3, 2012- No Alcohol Days in Bangkok and Thailand

As written earlier- things looking very dry in Bangkok for 2 and 3 August 2012. Here is a sign on a wine shop’s door: And a sign in a major grocery store:

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Food- What 40thb Buys: Noodles or Half a Cup of Starbucks Coffee

A common question posed “wow, isn’t everything cheap in Thailand?” Yes, and no. Yes, if you are a foreigner and used to prices in Europe, North America and Northern Asia. Yes if you eat local foods and buy local products. … Continue reading

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