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After Midnight: Bangkok Locals

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All about the Red Fanta

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Fish in an Abandoned Shopping Mall

  I pulled that picture from a Verge article, check out their article as they have some great photographs. Bangkok has loads of abandoned buildings, what makes this one special is what appears to be a sizable fish pond, a … Continue reading

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Surreal Bangkok

Caption: ‘something old, something new’ or ‘something small, something large’? As seen at Chid Loam

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Just What Bangkok Doesn’t Need

Of course Bangkok doesn’t need any more violence associated with protests- but Bangkok also doesn’t need trees cut down to make way for a new 7 Eleven. This is across the street from where I live, the new 7 Eleven … Continue reading

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Spotted in Bangkok: KISS Tour Jacket


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Spotted in Bangkok: Alien Eggs

With street protests in full swing, you never know what sights Bangkok has in store for you. This morning I discovered aliens invaded Bangkok (yep, not just protestors invading Bangkok, now aliens) over night and laid eggs. It’s Bangkok, things … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Sign at Chatachak Market

Yeah, at first the ‘fighting cock’ section grabbed my attention in the race to win the award for ‘strangest title for shopping section at the JJ weekend market’, upon further review, ‘creature’ was declared the winner. FYI- I played it … Continue reading

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The Heat is Sitting on Me

May 3, 2013: It’s one of those Bangkok days, 8:40 in the morning with a ‘real feel’ temperature of 37 C, that’s 99 F. Today the heat has me, simply suffocated me on my walk to work this morning. Even … Continue reading

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Pretending it’s the End of the World

In a city with 11,000,000 residents, it’s not often you find yourself in a deserted public place or even space. Yesterday I found myself in just such a place- the brand new and very recently opened BTS Pho Nimit station. … Continue reading

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