About Me

Me:  American, male but not fat nor prone to wearing tasseled loafers or Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts, born in the late 60’s, white and lived in San Francisco for 15 years. I have a college degree but use common sense and life lessons far more. Proud of my country but well aware of our limited, isolationist world views, used to diversity after traveling over 1.8 million air miles for work and living in San Francisco; willing to try just about anything in terms of food, experiences and sightseeing. A major creature of habit, if I find something I like to eat it will be consumed twice a week- on the same nights each week.

Politics and religion? Yes and no. I hold strong political views that lean left, but believe in common sense, fair treatment and rights for all people, education and avoiding war- these beliefs are more important than a political party. I am not a religions person, though I was raised in a Christian household and was cajoled into attending church each Sunday while under my parents roof.

I began working on a project in Bangkok during 2008- a time that featured a great deal of political unrest in Thailand and particularly Bangkok. Generally I spent 2 weeks in Bangkok and then 3-4 weeks in San Francisco.

My business allowed me to move to Bangkok in early 2010. Why not? I was at a complete crossroads in my life, recently single after a 7 year relationship, extremely tired of a heavy travel schedule and a very demanding job and wondering how I would define the second half of my life. Or, how I would define my life each day if I happen to be much further than halfway through.

This blog is completely selfish and just a outlet for my thoughts and a few opinions.

2016: Update- I moved to Singapore in 2016, but will hang on to this blog in anticipation of a return to BKK at some point

13 Responses to About Me

  1. savitri says:

    Good blog.

  2. Kerry says:

    We appreciate your down to earth responses to what is happening in Thailand and Bangkok, esp Ratchaprasong area lately as we really appreciate the polite and gentle Thai culture and hospitality, and choose to stay there relatively frequently, so its good to find out local information before we arrive 5 March.
    Your views appear to us to be very balanced compared to quite a few other Americans we have met – highly commendable! (although I must add we have also met many other Americans with equally well-balanced views!)

  3. It is good to know there is a “farang” writing about his experience in Thailand. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jp says:

    What is the name of this famous thai health insurance you are so happy with? I am new expat here in bangkok and i would like to get these medical benefits Tkanks

  5. I’ve been to Bangkok, November 2011. Three days in Bangkok, Three in Chiang Mai. Never, Never, NEVER enough time to enjoy such a place.

  6. meralgiaparesthetica says:

    I work with Chiang Mai Expats club and am preparing a report on Thai health insurance. May I use your health/health insurance posts as anecdotes? (There are lots of boring charts and tables that need enlivening).
    Apart from the usual links are there any other attributions you would like?

  7. jweiden says:

    Just discovered your blog, and am loving it! I just moved to Bangkok five months ago and can relate to most of what you’ve experienced.

  8. Pinny says:

    Been here for a few months now and soaking in the cultural differences. I completely agree with what you had to say about embrace or ignore, for me its a mixed palette. Being a British born Thai I was always aware of cultural differences between family views and western views, and growing up trying to appease and satisfy both and find my personal bearings was sometimes trying, especially during teenage years 🙂 I find your blog very interesting to read and agree with a lot of your insights, will be following your posts from now on, keep up the good work!!

  9. Christopher says:

    Enjoy your Blog very much. I am hoping to relocate to Thailand soon.

  10. Krish says:

    I have gone through most of your blogs and I find it very informative and highly positive. I have my first trip to Bangkok coming up in August end and am already in love with the place. I am sure I will be coming back more. And your blogs have helped me fall in love with Bangkok 🙂

  11. Dario Depiante says:

    Your insight and good humor helped me when I was in BKK more than I can say in a short post. I’ll be back. Your background sounds a lot like mine… Sub NYC for SF, and leave out the church cajoling, and we might be related!

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