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National Emblem of Thailand- The Garuda

The national Emblem of Thailand is the Garuda, I love it.

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I Rode the Bus

Spoiled Farang no more, I paid my seven baht (7thb) and rode the non-air-conditioned bus. The bus that doesn’t really stop, just eases to a slow roll and you jump on or off. It was fun, I love the ceiling … Continue reading

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Missed in Translation: Sidewalk or Sidemarket?

  With all due respect, I believe there is a grave error in a Thai to English translation. The Thai word for sidewalk is ทางเดิน (tang deen) with the word ทาง (tang) meaning ‘way or path’ and the word เดิน … Continue reading

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A Storm in Cambodia & the Realization I live in Thailand

What a stupid title for this post, hopefully I think up something better, change the title and delete this sentence. I was out having some beers with friends, the rainy season has arrived in full force with strong rain each … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Sign at Chatachak Market

Yeah, at first the ‘fighting cock’ section grabbed my attention in the race to win the award for ‘strangest title for shopping section at the JJ weekend market’, upon further review, ‘creature’ was declared the winner. FYI- I played it … Continue reading

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Swearing in Thailand: Did You Just Call Me a Lizard?

When learning a language you start with the basics: ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘how do I….” and all swear words. The Thai language has some good swears, one of the most offensive is referring to someone as a lizard. Want proof? … Continue reading

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Exploring around Chiang Mai: Monjam

This is my third visit to Chiang Mai and certainly my most enjoyable visit. I visited Doi Suthep on each of my first two visits and Doi Inthanon during my first visit; both places are worth visiting, especially as Doi … Continue reading

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