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Great Video: Promotional Video Showing Thailand in 1960

Below is a link to a video promoting Thailand in 1960, this video was made for Pan Am. To think how American’s viewed Thailand in 1960- prior to affordable air travel that made the world accessible and readily accessible information … Continue reading

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Snatch Thief

Found the double meaning rather funny

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Update- Warning to Tourists Visiting Thailand Regarding Lese Majeste

Please read the following by Richard Barrow (click here for link) and make sure you observe the laws during your visit to Thailand: Foreign Tourists in Thailand warned they could be arrested for lese majeste November 30, 2011 Richard Barrow … Continue reading

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Strange News Headline from Thailand: Serial Breast Drugger Robs Again”

Yes, there are some pretty bonkers news stories and headlines in Thailand, but “Serial Breast Drugger Robs Again” really caught my eye. From the Bangkok Post: Serial breast drugger robs again Published: 23/08/2012 at 12:30 CHIANG MAI – A woman who … Continue reading

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How to Tie a Plastic Bag Like a Thai

If you have been to Thailand and purchased any take away food (glap baan means take away), you have seen the amazing Thai trick of sealing a plastic bag with a rubber band. I struggle to simply remove the rubber … Continue reading

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Aug 2 & 3, 2012- No Alcohol Days in Bangkok and Thailand

As written earlier- things looking very dry in Bangkok for 2 and 3 August 2012. Here is a sign on a wine shop’s door: And a sign in a major grocery store:

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August 2 & 3 2012- Holidays in Thailand for Asanha Bucha

Today and tomorrow are holidays in Thailand for Asanha Bucha, trust Wikipedia with caution, but here is there description of the holiday. On August 2 and 3 government workers will have a holiday, the post office and banks are closed … Continue reading

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Food- What 40thb Buys: Noodles or Half a Cup of Starbucks Coffee

A common question posed “wow, isn’t everything cheap in Thailand?” Yes, and no. Yes, if you are a foreigner and used to prices in Europe, North America and Northern Asia. Yes if you eat local foods and buy local products. … Continue reading

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