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…some baa mii nam ngiaw


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Expat: A Sad View of Homeland Politics

I avoid writing about politics and religion.

Presently, as a USA expat, the question I am asked more than any other: “what about this Trump for President?”

Megalomaniacs making sweeping generalities and ludicrous statements now work their way into my life. The scariest part is not this megalomaniac- we’ve all been to the circus, rubber-necked for a car accident- it’s the enablers, the providers of the platform, the audience that encourages the givers to give the airtime.

I live 6,000 miles from the USA, yet ‘what about what Trump said’ is now a daily question. Imagine the confusion of those in other countries, seeing a US Presidential candidate make sweeping generalizations about people based on their beliefs.

It’s come to that, the attention seeker with the megaphone stereotypes, as a result I am stereotyped until I clarify my view.

The USA became a great country by being a place for everyone, anyone. Trump proves it truly is a place for anyone, even the most challenging.

Tomorrow I will wake and wonder if what I see on the BBC is a parody, or if what I read is a headline from the Onion. It won’t be, and I won’t be able to reconcile the statements heard and read with the country I want to believe in.

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Tourist Season

Appear tourist season has begun in Thailand.  


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Wrapping up the day at work, looked up to find I have a new assistant.  


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Lost in Translation- or maybe not

Ah yes, translation software is your friend. Even though Google translate didn’t get this one correct, it was close.

Seems a chili shop in England has been selling a sriracha sauce named หน้าหี, which means ‘pussy face’ (or face pussy if translated directly). Yes, yes, หน้า could mean ‘uncle’, but that’s not at all applicable in this usage.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.49.45 PM

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Chao Phraya from Above

Above Bangkok, looking down on the city and at the twists and turns the Chao Phraya takes to reach the Gulf of Thailand. 


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If You Haven’t Visited Thailand….

You might not know that Thais do up some tasty fried chicken. And that fried chicken is commonly eaten- from roadside to restaurant. 

If you’re in Bangkok and want a good fried bird (in aircon and with great som tum too), head to Jacky Fried Chicken on Soi Polo, just by Lumpini Park. Here’s picture of the half bird, perfectly fried with all the crispy garlic bits….  

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I’ve no Idea

What this article of clothing is supposed to do, or be.  


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Don’t go Changing 

Dear Bangkok, 

Don’t go changin’. 


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Suggestion Box Cash

Did someone want their suggestion heard? Or did they misunderstand a suggestion made to them?

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