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Life in Bangkok Can Get Hectic

With over 11 million people, life gets hectic in Bangkok, sometimes you just need to grab a quick (or possibly extended) nap.

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Bangkok Traffic

Traffic is Bangkok is, how can I put this politely, absolute shit. Bangkok wasn’t built for this many cars. Bangkok must deal with the challenges of a major river and numerous small rivers that cause massive bottlenecks leading to the … Continue reading

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Bangkok Sidewalks: BBQ & Girdles

Bangkok spoils you, so much is readily accessible. Bangkok sidewalks, particularly in the Sukhumvit area, are packed with everything from food and drinks to DVD and t-shirts (Chang & Singha are simply everywhere) and, well, everything. At this point, I … Continue reading

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My First USA Presidential Election as an Expat- A View from Afar

The 2012 USA Presidential Election was the first election I have viewed from afar, I have not been back to the USA in 2 years and have not watched USA based international TV news. I follow the news online, via … Continue reading

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