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Sukhumvit Jaywalkers Beware: New Signs and a Fine

I live in lower Sukhumvit, there’s always a lot going on, always. Traffic, sidewalk venders, street food, tiki bars, DVD’s, motocye driving on the sidewalk, t-shirts, neon, lady boys, bars, cafes, traffic, friendly tuk tuk drivers, it’s all here, all … Continue reading

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Street Food Obsession: Fish

There are times you walk the streets of Bangkok and you’re overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of the food. The amount and variety of food being served street side never ceases to amazing. To combat the large number … Continue reading

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Sign of the Day: A Glass of Run

I’ll have a glass of the Run please, hold the chaser

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Rolling Down Sukhumvit Soi 4 at 6am

I’m a local now, the sights and sounds of Bangkok are normal to me. I lived in San Francisco for 15 years, a number of people that visited me during my years there would say ‘wow, San Francisco is weird’. … Continue reading

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Dining in Thailand: 3 Unique Things

Three things that foreigners will likely consider unique about the dining setup in Thailand: Sugar in Soup- Yep, that jar you see on tables containing white crystals isn’t salt, that’ll be sugar. And if you’re properly Thai, you’ll dump 3-4 … Continue reading

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Rain Season- Beautiful Sky

I like the rainy season in Thailand- I like rain and enjoy the break from the intense sun. It’s still hot and when there aren’t clouds the sun is still intense, but it isn’t like the hot season where you … Continue reading

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Really? A Snake?

It’s a cool evening, at least by Bangkok standards, so I decided to walk home from work. As always, you can see a lot during a 20 minute walk in Bangkok. Tonight ‘a lot’ turned out to be a snake … Continue reading

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