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Advertising in Thailand

I’ve got no idea as to when this product or advertisement was a good idea….go ahead, think of your own caption.  

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Thais could win the selfie Olympics

A simple visit to the coffee shop results in a high-angle selfie taken with a tablet.

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Do You Want Your Beer Opened?

Thailand doesn’t have what Americans call ‘container laws’, you can drink a beer pretty much anywhere. I’m 47 years old, there isn’t a great deal of naughty to be found in drinking a beer, but walking out of 7 Eleven … Continue reading

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Rain Season- Beautiful Sky

I like the rainy season in Thailand- I like rain and enjoy the break from the intense sun. It’s still hot and when there aren’t clouds the sun is still intense, but it isn’t like the hot season where you … Continue reading

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Exploring around Chiang Mai: Monjam

This is my third visit to Chiang Mai and certainly my most enjoyable visit. I visited Doi Suthep on each of my first two visits and Doi Inthanon during my first visit; both places are worth visiting, especially as Doi … Continue reading

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Donald Duck at a Wat

As seen in Chaing Mai. And, no, I have no idea.

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Royal Botanical Gardens in Chiang Mai

Is certainly worth a visit…

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Benefit of Living in Bangkok: Beach Sunset

This sunset is just a 2 hour drive away….

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Alcohol in Thailand- When You Can Buy, Where You Can Buy, When You Can Drink, Where You Can Drink

Okay, so you all love the booze and are concerned about boozing in Bangkok, my most popular post is this one regarding mid-afternoon prohibition and the majority of emails I receive have questions about when and where people can get … Continue reading

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Dual Pricing in Thailand- Foreigners Pay More

There are those times you just don’t understand, you read something and you just don’t understand how it can be. Dual pricing in Thailand- charging foreigners a higher price than Thai’s for admission to a site, national park or an … Continue reading

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